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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 10, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. i was very scared kuz, yeah i didn't know what they were gonna do to me. >> a 12-year-old girl maintains her wits hides and calls police. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. right now police are searching for two suspects while the girl talks about how to keep other children safe.
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>> reporter: it is almost unimagine able what can happen in only 15 minutes -- in this fremont neighborhood, a 12-year-old girl home alone during a break-in. she handled it like a hero her dad did ask us to conceal her identity for her safety. monday afternoon the family was going about business as usual. dad left to take his older daughter to school. 12-year-old tanya stayed home alone. within minutes people were banging on the door. >> the phone was on the desk so i quickly grabbed it and rushed to the closet. i called my mom asking her what to do. she said call 911 one as fast as possible. >> reporter: minutes later burglars were in the house. >> one said nice loudly, as if they found what they were looking for. one came into my room and i got so scared and then he opened one of my drawers and then he left. i had a feeling they heard me
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whispering because i told the person on the phone that i see him in my room. i was very scared cuz, yeah i didn't know what they were gonna do to me >> reporter: they took multiple computers and a blackberry. >> i'm so glad she was safe. i can't imagine what else could have happened. the grace of god she is safe and brave enough to call the police in time. >> reporter: as they recuperate mentally and fiscally, father and daughter agree they've learn add important lesson about neighbors. >> if we ever get in trouble, then i mean immediately we can call them if our parents aren't home. >> reporter: know your neighbors and have their numbers. other neighbors are understandably uneasy as the suspects are still on the loose described as a man and
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woman around 19-years-old. katie marzullo, abc7 news. santa rosa police arrested two in an early morning shooting outside a restaurant that was the scene of a fatal shooting last december. it happened 2:00 this morning at the bar on santa rosa avenue. police found the victim, 30-year-old man a santa rosa resident with gunshot injuries to his chest anne he was taken to the hospital. last december one person died and another injured when shots were fired outside the restaurant following a fight. a martinez that came to be known as the christmas house has burned for the second timeq+ in six months. people used to come from miles around during the holidays at the home on walnut street. once again this time nobody was hurt. amy hollyfield is there any word on the cause yet? >> reporter: the homeowner is suspicious about a visit from pg&e. crews were here yesterday. she is wondering if that
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triggered the fire. the neighbors have their own suspicions. they tell me that i seen a lot of people coming and going from this house wearing head lamps in the middle of the night wondering if they caused this fire. firefighters say it is rare for fire to strike twice. this is the second time this martinez home on walnut street has caught fire. the owner says she couldn't believe it when she got the call. >> it was the first time this time it is worse because my neighbor's house is gone too, the whole side. >> reporter: pat got out okay but is feeling shakey. this is her second time to wake up to fire next door. the last time was in january. >> i heard this popping sounds then i woke up and my room was red with flames. i looked out the window there were more flames this time than last time >> reporter: no one was living at the home this time it was scheduled to be demolished. yesterday a pg&e crew was here
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to take out the gas meter. sharon can't help but feel suspicious about the timing. >> i don't know pg&e comes in takes the meter off and it burns down. i have no idea. >> reporter: the firefighters say they actually don't think pg&e was the problem. >> time between when pg&e left and the time between when the fire was was a very longtime. >> reporter: instead they are focusing on what neighbors have told them. >> we have reports of trespassers on the property frequentlism we are looking into the possibility that -- that they may have had something to do the this morning. >> reporter: before it was the house that caught fire twice, it was known as the christmas house because of its lavish holiday decorations. >> people come every year to see the christmas house. it was extravagant. everybody knows it was beautiful. >> reporter: firefighters will be looking to see if the people who were here in the
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middle of the night were doing drugs or lit candles, what they could have done to maybe have started this fire. they say it is too dangerous now the structure isn't sound enough and there's a lot of water in there so right now the fire is still under investigation. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in saratoga investigators are trying to find out what caused early morning fire in a home under construction. shortly after the fire broke out, flames tore throughout garage roof and spread quickly to the attic it took crews an hour to put it out nobody was inside this is what neighbors told us this morning. >> it just seemed like it started in the garage. a lot of action in the garage area they were putting on a new roof then it spread to the roof and think the neighbors cause there's a lot of trees we were worried about flying embers and igniting other things. >> fortunately, there was no wind and the fire did not
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spread, no injuries reported >> today is a spare the air day. hot temperatures bringing unhealthy smog levels to parts of the bay area. mike is here with where the poorest air quality is. >> san rafael, vallejo and also towards redwood city where the poorest air quality is now. as we get into the around that's when it gets bad especially east bay valleys. today spare the air takes over all of our neighborhoods east bay valley could have the poorest air quality looks like another spare the air day tomorrow which would include santa clara valley with inland areas of the east bay valley. one of the reasons why, all the heat. look how much warmer we are going to be than yesterday seven degrees warmer santa rosa, nine concord double digits fremont, oakland, san francisco and san jose. san jose will reap 90 if not a few 100s in the east bay valleys today and tomorrow. --
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a few hours from now san francisco advisers will consider a plan that allows developers to create so-called microapartments. those apartments could be as small as 150 square feet that's smaller than most college dorm rooms. just enough for a foal-out bed, kitchenette and bathroom. the developer sees it as a way to help singles and young couples live in san francisco sidewalks and bike paths around your kids' school may be safer. caltrans is awarding nearly 49 million dollars to fund road safety improvements near school campuses throughout the state. this is through the safe routes program. in the bay area alameda county will get more than two million contra costa county will get more than one million. santa clara will get $800,000. and palo alto will receive nearly half a million dollars to see the entire list go to look see it on tv.
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high end taste on a small budget. details on a new fashion collection soon. now hiring! where you can find hundreds of jobs from some of the bay area's biggest companies today, all free. >> >> warning for people who use popular headache drug excedrin.
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new government report says u.s. employers advertise more jobs last month than in april.
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the labor department says job openings rose to 3.6 million. may's total is the second highest for the year. lay-offs increased. even with the increase the competition to vet a job is tough. report says there's an average of 3 1/2 unemployed people for each open job. in a healthy market the ratio is 2-1. the nation's unemployment rate is.2, california's is 10.8. free job fair starts next hour at noon in san francisco. abc7 news is a co-spoken for -- is a co-sponsor. the job fair will go until 4:00 this afternoon at the hotel wickham in san francisco. go to abc7 news for more information. >> record heat across the heartland driving up produce prices. hot conditions followed by dry winter stinting growing season,
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especially corn. a third of the crop is in very poor condition which has forced prices up 30% in the past month the cost of food will follow dairy, beef and chicken, all come from animals that are fed by corn. >> greens are especially struggling, we lost those early in the season. our cucumbers, they are a complete loss. >> storms early this week offered a weird respite from the high temperatures summer is just beginning corn crops haven't been in such bad shape since 1988, a year that was considered a disaster. mike is nodding. >> they have a two week window where they need rain or they are going to lose a lot of their crops. a lot of their reservoirs and lakes are dry too. bad situation. a little happier here we have
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hot weather, we have poor air quality but you can get away from it if you head to the coast. we have a 40° temperature swing today and tomorrow between the coast and inland. a florida teen is attacked by an alligator. how he managed to escape from the animal and save his life. a limited collection coming to a store near you. target teams up with a luxury retailer to offer designer fashions at lower prices.
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a florida teen sacrificed his arm to save his life when an 11 foot alligator tacked him. fish and while life officials hunted didn't and kill the gator that attacked the 17-year-old. his friends say the gator swam straight to him but the teen's arm bit it and pulled him under the water. he was swimming in a river northwest of miami. his friends say the teen has been around alligators all his
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life and knew exactly what to do. >> he is smart enough to know if he offers his arm it won't take his torso. >> fish and wild life say it is gator maying season and taxes are not uncommon. surprisingly his friends say the gator attack probably won't stop them from returning to the river. >> i think i would want to stay away after that. >> scary. >> we have heatwaves to talk about. >> a little cool in the city. >> that's where you can go the city, the coast, where we see fog still hanging around absolutely those are the places to get clean air and cooler air. a little haze from emeryville towards san francisco this morning, off in the distance clouds are clinging to the coast and bringing free air conditioning. santa cruz still cloudy also. you will get sun and hit mid to upper 70s by the time the day has completed its cycle.
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looking for something like mist and drizzle to keep it cool along the coast jut clouds right now. temperatures are going to be drastic because of clouds no clearing along the coast until you get up towards mendocino county pockets of sun along the coast clouds still the big story the rest of us cleared out. fairfield and livermore 11° warmer than this time yesterday many oakland, san francisco and san jose seven, fremont eight santa rosa nine that puts temperatures now in the 60s around the bay fremont 70. 70s inland. antioch 82, half moon bay 56°. mid to upper 50s monterey and santa cruz. near 80 in gilroy. spare the air possibly again tomorrow and thursday. hottest afternoons today and tomorrow, cooling friend for the afternoon hours through the weekend. let's look at what going to happen today compared to average warmer everywhere from
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three degrees in santa cruz four in san francisco, five in oakland 10° warmer in livermore by the time the sunsets at 8:33. high pressure retrograding moving from east to west, hottest days tuesday and wednesday because we don't have an offshore flow or land breeze this isn't going to make it to the coast stays out here and builds mid to upper 90s today. east bay shore mid to upper 70s. everybody else in the low to mid 70s. mid 70s to mid 90s from milpitas to los gatos. low to mid 80s most of the peninsula 76 millbrae. low to mid 60s coast low to mid 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid 80s to near 90 north bay beaches low to mid 60s at beaches warmer inland 66 monterey mid to upper 70s santa cruz low to mid 90s inland. central valley over 100, 117 palm springs, 85 in l.a..
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back home temperatures in the 60s concord antioch fairfield morgan hill most in the 50s with clouds remaining at the coast. tomorrow moorest air quality in the east bay and santa clara valley they usually let us know in the next 15, 20 minutes if we are going to have a spare the air day tomorrow. temperatures will be two to four degrees warmer foam from 68 the coast 102 inland then drop four to six degrees thursday, friday, 60s, 70s and 80s for saturday through monday. quite a change. >> only in the bay area 40° spread. this year's aids walk san francisco will be held in five days sunday july 15th, golden gate park. good to see some of that cooler weather. to register call: 415-615-walk or visit aids the recall of all excedrin
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products creating huge black market for the popular headache drug on the internet, selling for hundreds on ebay. the products were pulled off shelves in january after the manufacturer learned some bottles might have been contaminated with stray tablets from other medications. experts say relief can be found with generic versions of the drug. >> if it has the same amount of aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine it should work just as well. >> in a statement excedrin's parent company says it expects products back on shelves later this year. target and neiman marcus teaming up to provide a limited collection of fashion and sporting goods for winter holiday collection. more than 50 products from two dozen designers including oscar de la renta and diane von fursburg will be at the store and website until they
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sell-out. most of the items will sell for less than six dollars. target teamed up with missoni last fall and that caused a huge buying frenzy, causing target's website to crash and big delays in online purchases in back orders. >> predicting another shopping friend did. >> under six dollars! -- >> we'll be right back.
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>> don't be the last person on your block to check out good afternoon america. yesterday's was its debut this morning i talked with josh and
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lara. >> you guys lead this daily panel and talk about interesting topics today the hot topic of whether your boss should decide what you wear? >> yeah, i think not. i can't wait to hear what our opinionated panel thinks. what we do is take stories in the news happening that people are talking about and we get in expert folks some very funny, some very smart all who have something to share with our viewers and hash 'em out. >> today's guest comedian d.l. hughley and stacey london host of what not to wear. get them all on gaa weekdays from 1 to 2 right here on abc7. today on abc7 news at 4, don't go in the water at least not with your ipad oops! michael finney will show you if cases claim to waterproof your tech gear work. then major health issue
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affecting baby boomers while going untreated. those stories and more later today at 4 and 5. that's going to do it for us here. thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire next. >> we have to remind you don't forget to download our alarm clock app for your iphone, it is free. coffee, coffee, coffee. >> latest news, weather and traffic. our weather team, including mike nicco recorded special wake-up calls just for you itndw is a free app on the app store. >> mike you know folks can search abc7 news san francisco alarm to get your voice waking them up every morning. >> or
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